I came across this site CeramicDecals.org while googling.  This is a very comprehensive well laid site detailing the vast array of decal types that are available.

In a previous post I made reference to  Justin Rothshank’s video on Ceramic Arts Daily July 25, 2008 about laser decal application.  I have now found Justin’s website where he has a copy of the article “Breaking the Rules: Pushing the Limits with Ceramic Decals” that he wrote for the March/April 2008 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated Magazine.  Click here for the full article.  I particularly admire the way Justin is willing to experiment and push the limits.

Another link is that of Linda Arbuckle, professor at University of Florida School of Art and Art History. Linda has a very generous listing of handouts on her site, this being one of them.  Click here for the full version.