Today I have set up a page for Overglaze decorating techniques.� I hope over a period of time to put together a collection of articles� which reference� links to videos and articles gathered from other websites.� The first of these is an article from Ceramic Arts Daily, published July 23, 2008 titled “The Details on Decal Paper for Ceramics” by Paul Andrew Wandless. Paul is the author of Image Transfer on Clay published by Lark Books.� In the future I will add this book to the Library Page.� Paul is also a contributor to Clay Prints, image transfer and Clay set up by Charlie Cummings at

The next item is once again courtesy of Ceramic Arts Daily July 25, 2008.� This has been located in Techniques/Laser Decals.

Justin Rothshank: Applying Decals to Glazed Pottery and Ceramics
In this video, Justin Rothshank, of the Union Project in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, demonstrates how to make custom decals on a laser printer and apply them to glazed ceramic forms.
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Last Modified: March 5, 2012